The wait is over "Server Release"

Vpipes Owner posted Fri at 6:27

Survival Games aka Hunger Games


We have finally decided to make hunger games and will be releasing it this Friday!
Feb 27, 2015 ( 2pm PST )

5 Hunger Game maps ( More will be added as It goes on )
Leaderboard System for Kills and Wins
Spectating System
Coin Shop
Sponsor Shop
Hunger Game Kits ( Purchase using coins )
         - Obtain them by Wins, Kills, and Voting
         - Kits are permanent upon purchasing

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LeoRich Vpipes is me Baepipes :3
ELLAWIJK I've been playing there and it's a great add to the server!
Dizian I played hunger games, killed like 8 people on nuketown, death match came, guy had full dia armour and a dia sword, a bi ...