New Anti-Hack Plugin

Vpipes Owner posted Jan 12, 15

Many of you have been complaining about hackers and glitches. Such as the new "Late-Mod" to "Phase" through walls and raid your bases. To solve this problem we decided it was time to move away from the conventional anti-hack solutions that many servers use and create our own anti-hack system. Some of the common hacks users have been using that we have now 100% blocked.

  • Freecam (Block break/place/interact/pvp)
  • Instant-Consume (InstantEat)
  • Phase (All conventional V-Clip mods and the new "Late-Mod")
  • Reach
  • Direction-Based Mods (Block break/place/interact/pvp)
  • ForceField
  • Regeneration

BacaJohnsonSmith Yay, some of those are the most annoying hacks, thanks for the plug-in!!
HungerMonster Has the plugin been added to the server yet? Cause if it has I've still seen many hackers using reach, ff, and instant p ...
Jumper_Boy One thing to fix... The Freecam blocker is messing up my Efficiency 8 Pick... I can't mine anything because it's too fas ...