Bad News for Faction Servers

Vpipes Owner posted Sep 8, 14
As you can know I shutdown the server earlier today for maintenance, to get my "Operating System" changed for Factions 1 and Factions 2 because they installed the wrong one and were causing problems to the servers. They told me to backup all the files which I have on their second hard drive and which were NOT suppose to be cleared. Well.... they wiped everything because they had some mental issues, so I've lost every single file for Factions 2 but I have some backup files.. for Factions 1, which are not completely up to date.. but I can fix that. But on the other side for Factions 2, I will have to remake everything.. which will take a few days.I apologize for everything that's happened. Faction servers will be back in a few days but I will keep you guys updated... Everything will reset as I cannot do anything about that. Sorry once again. D:

ETA on Faction Servers

Faction 1-   ( Has Been Released )

- 50% OFF On All Faction Packages ( Till Monday )

- Everyone Receives 4x mcMMO ( Ends on Friday )

- All Donators Will Still Have Their Ranks

- Mystery Crates, mcMMO, In-Game Money etc.. will be given in a few days because I can only re-run the buycraft commands for people that has logged on the server before and so you can make inventory space on your next login so you are guaranteed to receive the items.

- I cannot give you guys kits, or in-game items as this will surely ruin the economy and the fact that everyone will be "Overpowered" if I do....Since everyone has tons of alts and can just re-run the commands. ( I am very sorry D: )

Faction 2 - " ( Has Been Released )"

- 50% OFF On All Faction Packages ( Till Monday )

- Added Crates Plugin

Everything is being reset Sorry D:

(Ranks will still be there..)

Jay_The_Miner Could I just ask, since it's a completely fresh reset, does that mean that donator's get there /kit [donatormoney] ? It ...
Crumblz When do we get our shit back
Crumblz Well all i wanna say i want my crates because i spent alot of money and I want them back