Server Lag + Changes

Vpipes Owner posted Jul 17, 14
Good News and Bad News
We have figured out the problem causing the VT Tokens plugin to lag the server and have fixed the issue. VT Tokens will be enabled at midnight July 27, 2014 at 12am PST ( Pacific Standard Time )

On the downside everyone's tokens on all servers will be set to 0, I cannot fix this problem and I apologize for this and I hope you guys will understand and forgive. But on the bright side "VT Tokens" is back!

For mcMMO there hasn't been an update so please continue to wait. We are trying our best to fix the mcMMO plugin that is causing the lag on all servers. It will be back!



Today there's been massive lag spikes and crashes due to enabling the mcMMO plugin last night. Once again I have temporarily disabled the mcMMO plugin ( THIS DOES NOT MEAN ITS GONE FOREVER IT WILL BE BACK ) I will have to wait for an Update on the mcMMO plugin or find out how to fix the lag for the mcMMO plugin. Thank You and please be patient while we fix these issues.


Seeing that there hasn't been any lag after disabling these plugins. We will now slowly enable one plugin at a time to see which plugins are actually causing the massive lag spikes. "mcMMO" has been enabled for Factions and Prison. Thank you and please be patient!


I have maybe found one of the problems causing the lag. The "VT Tokens Plugin" which I have now temporarily disabled it. I would be slowly enabling back the other plugins I've disabled if the lag stops.

Recently the server population has grown a lot and lag started to kick in. To pinpoint the causes for this lag. I've disabled some plugins such as "mcMMO, ColorChange, Armor Hud and some other plugins that doesn't affect game-play. Colorchange, mcMMO won't be a permanently disabled it will be back! So please be patient while we try to fix this problem.

Minor Patch Notes:

† Spawner drop-rates for TnT and Creeper Explosion Increased from 30% to 60%
† Mini Map mod is now allowed ( Start Building Bases )
† 1vs1 arena disabled ( Due to people getting stuck after winning )
DracoArtemis101 @ImBuckeye Nice language there.
DracoArtemis101 I don't even know what most of these plugins are, so I will not complain. :-P
ImBuckeye Vpipes, I read recently on other forums and they suggested to update the faction and other plug ins. Also try the gapple ...