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Weekly Changelog - April 20th 2018


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Hey again, Here with another changelog full of updates and bug fixes. The higher ups have been working hard the past two week since our last changelog. We've been going bug fixes on Trello fixing a high amount of server performance related issues, TPS drops and overall stability towards the server as well as improving ingame features and mechanics so let's get into it.

Also a huge thank you to the community for making suggestions and bug fixes, We recently introduced a discord suggestions thread that a lot of you have posted in and we will be rolling out updates to address these suggestions in the future whether it be for the current or next map we appreciate the feedback and continued support. Thank you!

Side note: If you see anything you feel needs changing or adding to suggestions feel free to comment below we're always open to suggestions on improving the network.

▬▬▬ Website and Buycraft Updates ▬▬▬

Website Updates:

>> Added a bans section located here:
>> Added a staff only forum category.
>> Added a new nav bar at the top of the page allowing you to see player count and copy our ip address to connect.
>> Removed staff ability to see Ip's on forums, Now Admin+ only.

Website Updates:

>> Completely revamped the store and theme compared to the original. View it here:
>> Added a gift cards panel option.

▬▬▬ Server Updates ▬▬▬

Global Updates:
>> Sell wands no longer have a cooldown on usage.
>> Donators can now use sign formatting.
>> Donators can now send links in chat.
>> Zombie Pigmen drops now no longer drop rotten flesh.
>> Disabled Essentials command: /ignore
>> The /ipreport command for staff only shows people with flagged accounts now.
>> The /muteip command is now accessible to Sr. Mods.

Faction Updates:
>> Faction rules have been specifically edited in terms of raiding due to recent disruptions.
>> Added a /warp fps.
>> Increased the max balance from 10 million to 1 billion. (No cap realistically anymore)
>> Creepers drop a singular resource which is now TNT over Gunpowder.
>> Obsidian is now 8 hits down from the original 10 hits it would take.
>> All spawners cost $50,000 to mine, This is to prevent factions from mining spawners and storing them mid raid.

Skyblock Updates:

>> Changed the Y level to Y:-10 for when you get teleported back to your island, So you can actually build on Y:0 without been teleported to spawn.
>> Reduced Enderman spawners cost 400k instead of 450k.
>> Shop price changes on exploitable items.
>> Island levels now automatically update on logging in instead of when you do /is level to manually update your level.
>> Iron Blocks are now worth 25 island points instead of the original 5 island points.
>> Cactus price increased from $3 to $5.

▬▬▬ Bug Fixes ▬▬▬

Global Fixes:
>> Fixed a memory leak with Crop Hoppers / Mob Hoppers causing server(s) to suffer performance drops and declines which could result in stuttering.
>> Fixed Mob hoppers now pickup TNT.
>> Fixed sell wands been salvaged via McMMO on gold blocks instantly.
>> Fixed players not been able to access there /pv or /chest.
>> Fixed using /wild to get out of combat whilst combat tagged and used to get out of trap bases.

Faction Fixes:
>> Fixed the pickaxe in /tokens not rewarding you the pickaxe but taking tokens.
>> Fixed Clearlag no longer clears primed TNT and sand.
>> Fixed Pistons not pushing glowstone.
>> Fixed FPS issues at /warp pvp if on 1.7
>> Fixed Genning whilst in combat due to the ability of suffocating players in combat.
>> Fixed Creeper Egging hoppers and spawners will now break said blocks. Previously unbreakable due to a flaw.
>> Fixed the /tntfill command giving an internal error command when trying to choose a radius.

Skyblock Fixes:
>> Fixed /withdraw bugging out and telling you you're not near the banker.
>> Fixed Supply Drops not spawning correctly at /warp pvp



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There is way more attention on this server now and a good ton of more work on the server and that pays out. Great job :) keep it this way and Myth will be even bigger then 3-4 years ago.