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to make my own kit (i have mythic already)

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well I just want to make my own class/kit or can you guys make a kit worth 420 :) I have to accounts with mythic and its getting boring to play on them I need something new i been on this server since 2014-2018 and they never changed it
the kits


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Well this should be 'interesting' so let's get to it, You think you deserve to make your own kit because you have two accounts with mythic because you're bored with the current kits? Doesn't mean we're going to allow this or consider allowing this. Ever.

You get what your given and you know what you bought off buycraft, Just because you don't like the kit doesn't mean we're going to have a new kit made, That's just pure privileged bullshit at the end of the day it's you thinking you deserve something over someone else because you've donated and got bored and that's never going to happen.

New kits and gkitz will be added in future updates and resets // Not really willing or allowed to disclose the information on what will be released but they will be coming in the future and if you're in such desperate need of new kits you can easily buy those it seems. So enjoy.

Until then get what you're given or in simple terms find somewhere else to play that may actually listen to a suggestion that'd break a server, Wouldn't be hard with half the brain dead server owners out there.

// Thread locked.
Not open for further replies.