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Staff Applications - Tips, Tricks and Hints


Staff Applications - Tips, Tricks and Hints

Preface: This guide was written by myself, however it has been reviewed by John. I have also used inspiration from two old staff application tips guides I have seen before, though I have not copied anything in the slightest. It is a comprehensive list of what to do, and also what not to do, in the whole staff application process. It was written by a newly accepted helper and as such should hopefully contain some useful information for potential applicants.

The guide, however, will not give you a step by step way to get accepted easily. That responsibility is up to you. But we as staff wish to give every player the best possible chance at joining the team.

Section One: Application Preparation
This part is about the bits before you've ever written your app. Make sure to follow these over a large period of time before submitting your app.

1.0.1: Make sure you are ready

There is nothing worse than a rushed application, Or a half arsed one. If you do not have enough time, enough patience or effort, or simply don't feel like you are ready to take on the responsibility, do not apply. Ensure you can spend at least a couple of hours a day on the server, with activity on the forums and discord too.

1.0.2: Integrate yourself into the community

Interaction is key. You don’t ever need to go around talking to EVERYONE, getting to know all their details and being their best friends. You just need to be known within the community, and not be hated by everyone. If the community trusts you, Then the administration are more likely to have the same level of trust.

1.0.3: Ensure you are of a decent level of maturity

Make sure that you are of a decent level of maturity for staff. It requires a certain level of finesse to execute the duties required, and will test your learning and problem solving skills.

Section Two: The Application Itself
This part is about the bits when you are writing your app. Please follow these carefully to ensure the best chances possible.

1.0.1: Do not lie. Be truthful.

Your application will be referenced often within your time as a helper, and as an applicant. Do. not. Lie. If you are say 12 years old, yet still think you have the necessary qualities for helper, put this fact. If your other qualities make you stand out, the admins may look past things like age or experience.

1.0.2: Be detailed, and spell check.

There is nothing worse than a terribly short application. Whilst 30k words is unpractical, 100 words is also not very practical either. Write the amount you need to for your application, but still include lots of detail, to fully showcase yourself.

1.0.3: Be original, make your app stand out

This is a great step to take lots of care in. If your app is the exact same as someone, or multiple others, apps, then you will most likely not be given as much focus as you otherwise would have with a unique app. Obviously, you need to add some generic things in, but, as well, add some unique, stand-out paragraphs or experiences to make you be recognised more.

1.0.4: Don’t break any server or forum rules in your app

This should honestly be self explanatory, however it does need to be told to some people who somehow find it a good idea to add racist remarks and/or staff disrespect into their applications.

1.0.5: Question #10

If you were in a situation you are not suited\capable to solving\fixing\resolving\handling what would you do beyond simply calling for other staff?:

For this question, answers that have anything to with calling for other members of staff, other than as a side-note, are not viable answers. Try to think creatively. The question is designed to trick you, and to make you come up with some answers that should impress the admins. Don’t, obviously, copy off of anyone else and post unoriginal answers.

Answers to Avoid

“Maybe, idk, probably, about” - Answers like this in the skills and time sections show uncertainty and therefore can be trusted less than other, more sure answers. Make sure you know.

“I’ve donated x amount” - This really does not matter, as donations do not show how good you will be as a potential staff member, Don’t mention this at all, but if you do, make it a Q.T comment.

“I’ve been staff on x servers. That’s it” - This is good, but shows us no proof of the experiences or commands you learned whilst at said server. Try to add some backup to this statement, so it is more believable.

“X admin is amazing, I love the staff team, this staff is the best ever!!” - Though you may mean well from this, it can often be construed as sucking up to the staff, which may hinder your chances.

Aight well. I hope you all enjoyed this very much, and should hopefully help any future applicants get the best results possible from their applications.