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Remove Stacking on mobs/certain mobs

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New Member
So I have noticed that when making creeper/iron/skeleton farms etc... the mobs tend to not die say in a creeper gen the creepers will fall hit the ground but still not die do to stacking. Next in iron golem gens they will properly fall into the whole where they die to lava but the loot will only go into certain hoppers because its stacking at one spot, but if they weren't stacking the iron golems would spawn more at a faster and all throughout your farm allowing them to die in all locations of hoppers and chests. Lastly skeleton and enderman also do not die of fall damage due to stacking and if the mob does not die of fall damage than the rest of the mobs spawn all the way on the ground and not fall to there death.

Disclaimer- There may be an increase in lag but it should not be enough to freeze or crash the server, but a solution to this would be make only about 2-3 golems spawn per min per spawner or lower the amount of golems while still not allowing them to stack