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oWo whats this? A Sexually? :o


New Member
Hi my name is bailey and i love pixels and sometimes watch anime with my pants off, i only play this server to get closer to @Groaning 's boy pussy. If you are a female and own a pair of thigh high socks you can go ahead and consider yourself already pregnant, i will be coming. I sent nudes to get into the faction notorious and havent done anything this map except run around spawn in circles and tp to @ChocolateBars whenever he says they got into a base, so i guess you could say Im kind of a big deal, anyways sorry for the mess I've made you make in your chairs, dont worry I'll go get the mop.

anyways its been fun getting to know some of u people this map and i cant wait to run around spawn next map as well : )
please enjoy this picture of me and my idol