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New command/game

Would you use this?

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New Member
A new game mode I have though that could be used as a command would be "Deadly Designer", so this command would active by typing "/dd" which would then pull up a chest or whatever is used in /shop to confirm if you would like to enter the dd for a certain price. There could be 3 different dd levels which would cost, 10k, 50k, 100k to enter, After confirming your ticket the game would wait for 5-10 other players to buy tickets aswell and then start.

How the game would work is it would take all players who bought a ticket to a location(warp built by staff) where there is a giant board made of white wool and the player who has to design the image is given wool of all colors in there inventory and when they hover over that color they hold right click to drag it across the white wool(board) and create an image and hold left click to erase that color. All players who are not designing would sit somewhere in the area built for the map and watch the board and try to guess what the image is, secondly there would be a 1min timer to guess the world with one letter as a hint coming every 15seconds for a total 4 hints. Lastly the world would be randomly chosen out of a bunch of words that the staff pick and then the designer would have to draw that word in an image the best he can.

Oh I almost forgot, all the players money who join the game would be put into a pot and who ever wins the game recieves all the money and the winner of the game is the first person to guess 10 words correctly. There will also be a /warp dd to spectate a game that is in progress or buy tickets from a AI


Yeah I'm gonna have to say I'd pass on this. The server is factions / skyblock this doesn't really fit in with either server. Plus, making this plugin is no simple task, although possible definitely not worth just for a minigame.