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My mythcraft account for sale!


New Member
Dear all mythcraft users,

In my time playing this server I've had a lot of fun. But I think it's time for me to leave, in the past years I've grown out of minecraft and don't like it as much as I used to.

So what I have to offer you is;
-My minecraft account (Dr3g0ns)
-On that account is the rank: Immortal (And all the kits of course)
-And on Factions the extra kits: 'Godbattleset' and 'Frosty'

Maybe I could even ask the staff to transfer the rank and kits to your account!
I would like to get around 65$ for this all, and of course we trade with a middle man (probably one of the staff members if that is possible at the time)

Syl a.k.a. Dr3g0ns

PS: To the staff, I understand if maybe this is not allowed but I think it's reasonable that I could do this, and I've read the rules and it's nowhere to be found that this is not allowed.
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