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Memories of HellTides

Hell Tides

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Around 2012-2013 I discovered Minecraft. For me my first server was a server called Famcraft and I got super excited that I could interact with different people in all different parts of the world. I played with one of my irl friends but got banned for leaving my pet dog in one of the no pets area. After that I found a server called DestinedPvP. My very first factions server which I had completely no clue of anything about factions. I only later began to understand the dynamics of factions and the purpose of the server in the first place. I first only jumped into the pvp section blindly dying and trying to kill complete noobs who had no armour on. I remember fondly of a player who’s username was something along the lines of “Soccerman something something” yelling into chat “SUCK TITTIES FAT****” and young me finally started to learn the swear words of the internet. I learned about what a hotshot was and the “popular groups” of the server. The ones reigning dominant at the time were Rubix and for some reason the popular factions all ended in “x” so I made my first faction “Matrix” and it gained a lot of speed and followers. I made my first friends 04tonka and dutchslayer13 who I still remember very well. I remember making sugar cane farms for profit and learning how to raid. I remember logging on in the middle of the night and getting yelled at by my parents to stop using the computer so damn much. I remember the pvp arena would have guys like “FactionsPvP” and others who would rack up so much attention. One of the big guys was HamletPvP or something like that I just remembered calling him Ham. I got into his faction and me and epicforces met along the way and we would all twerk in minecraft for raid parties. It was such a ball to me at that time. On New years one time I even missed the ball drop because I was busy doing a raid on someone and my parents were yelling at me from the living room. When Destined died down and Horizon was made, it was not nearly as thrilling. I remember discovering discord for the first time and skype. I remember John doing the hot chili pepper challenge and being in the skype call and just sitting there. I remember how cringey I used to be. I remember digging up an old microphone that looked like a dildo and speaking to random ass people until 3 in the morning having deep conversations about who knows what. The pvp arena on destined was the best arena I’ve seen yet and there are still many other memories I’ve unfortunately forgotten which I’ll add onto here but for now that’s it. Destined and the people of myth are such a big piece of me that unfortunately that’s just what it is and that’s the crap my children and grandkids will be listening to. Talking about toxic people I met online.


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Here's a bunch of random screenshots I found back when I was a mod in the server. Pretty fun times, sad that we all went or separate ways and don't talk anymore :(2015-09-26_16.31.53.png2015-08-30_17.08.34.png2015-08-27_09.53.50.png2015-09-28_09.17.54.png