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Let's talk about music !


New Member
Hey guys and girls, so it's quarantine and stuff for a lot of people
And listening to music is a good therapy !
So here is a thread to share all your fav songs and music related stuff !
Feel free to do whatever you want as it stays in the forum rules ofc
So let's start ~

I mostly enjoy listening to rock music, whatever the subgenre is. I love how rock sounds for most of it. If you wanna try postrock, i'd recommend two groups to start with : Oh Hiroshima! and God Is An Astronaut.
I also listen to a lot of Kpop (omagad Kpop, I must deserve to go in hell). If you can go past all the things you've heard and enjoy it as a musical style and not be hindered by the hordes of fangirls there are (I'm also kinda cringed by all these girls being "in love" with their idols) but the genre is quite enjoyable and there's a large diversity of songs you can listen to. Here are two songs to start with :
There is a lot of variety within the "Kpop" genre, that is actually pop but also a lot of things. I think it is very interesting as by Kpop we refer to Korean music in general while there is a lot of stuff to discover here !