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    Hey everyone!

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for the immense support you have shown us this week in the wake of our Factions reset last Friday. As I’m sure many of you will have noticed, we welcomed the content creator m0dest who is playing on the server this map. I’ve included a link to his first Mythcraft video below.

    We’ve been hard at work adding new content to the Factions server since the release and I have listed some of these updates below. You can also checkout the daily changelogs @Groaning has been posting here: https://mythcraftpvp.com/forums/changelog.6/

    KOTH has been released on the server. There are currently 3 KOTH arenas, Overworld, Nether and End. Overworld is currently scheduled to run at 4PM EDT, Nether at 8PM EDT and End at 12AM EDT. The /koth command will show you the time in your own time zone, a live countdown and the coordinates of each KOTH. There are also announcements in chat during the hour before a KOTH starts so you can prepare. Winning a KOTH will give you a Mystical (top tier) Crate Key.


    We have also released Outposts on the server. The Outpost runs 24/7 and can be captured by any one faction at a time. Having an Outpost captured will grant your faction a permanent 2x Sell Buff, 2x XP Boost and 2x mcMMO Boost. You can view details and teleport to the outpost with the /outpost command.

    To capture the outpost, only members of your faction must stand within the capture point. Your progress will be shown on the scoreboard. If a member of any other faction stands on the capture point at the same time, they will contest it and will block any further progress until they are knocked off of the capture point. This includes allies, truces, neutrals and enemies. If a faction is knocked off the capture point mid cap, their cap progress must first be destroyed before another faction can capture the outpost.


    Harvester Hoes
    Harvester Hoe’s are tools that automatically collect all crop drops.


    Sand Wands
    Sand Wands are tools that allow you to right click any sand pillar to instantly break it.


    TNT Toggle
    We’ve released the tnt toggle feature which you can now use to toggle certain tnt effects from being sent to your client. Turning these features off should help prevent lag issues for players who have less powerful computers.


    The automated clearlag will now no longer clear armor, weapons or tools.
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    Looks good harry!
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    You guys Should re-add Color nametags to the buycraft store.

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