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Hey I'm Elson


New Member
Hey there Mythcrafters im Elson................
  • I'm the owner of ThotPatrol...

real quick imma name my relevent in order past facs:

  • Unity (HCF)
  • Triad (Randy servers but still a god fac)
  • ImAwaiz (Decimate & Saico)
  • Endless (Decimate)
I am very active, I base bitch when needed, im extremely good at pvp (Dont hackusate me papi) and im very kind to those who are kind with me..

I am a very aggressive factions player, i have been playing for 6 years 7 this December 25th so dont ask me why i take the game seriously... its fun xd

thats it why u still here............ leave


Active Member
Welcome to the network, If you have any questions feel free to ask in the discord or make a thread. Glad to have you aboard.