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Hello, goodbye and thank you...!


New Member
Many of you might not remember/know me but I'm 'Phroyyo' the former #1 player in OP Prison (map 2 and 3 at the time)

I don't really know why I'm making this, or if anyone even cares. But I just want tell my story and confess a few things.
Map 1 : To start off I was practically a nobody. Back in the day when Prison had 100+ players, I casually ranked up and eventually made a name for myself. Unfortunately the map was going to reset soon after, so I asked a few friends if they wanted to work together to become #1. Sharing money, gear, bags, and all kinds of stuff. Although, only one person agreed. And that person brought me to the top... (lets call that person Emp)

Map 2 : the day of the reset everyone was excited. Hundred of players filled the server. People fighting the first day, building up their plots from scratch, and die hard miners (me) trying to become #1. Alongside my friend, Emp, he disliked mining and just let me do all the work. Although, to compensate that he ended up getting me all the way to rank Zues (300$rank) and bought some bags to speed up the process. Fast forward > mining constantly > #1 well known player > over 1000$ worth of ingame items without spending a single cent > server resets 6 months in..... The server was already becoming p2w but yet they decided to reset the map which pissed some players off (me mostly) and Emp had moved on from minecraft

Map 3 : I admit it. I CHEATED for #1. Not hacks, but an exploit. I bought duped bags from an auction one time. But the owner quickly did a roll back. The thing is, I put those bags in my /pv unintentionally, and they didnt disappear. How is this bad? Those bags shared inventory slots. So if 1 was filled up, the rest would be too, which was game breaking and ended up making me earn 20x faster than anyone else...
In the end, it truly didnt matter since there was an average of 10-20 players and I ended up quitting since the server ended up dead due to p2w and constant resets.
But thank you Mythcraft. For making memories of my childhood. Its silly since its just Minecraft, but I was genuinely happy at the time. I just never realised it until it was gone... So goodbye!

1000$ worth of stuff rank included
I forgot prices but
Tiny bag : 5-10$
Giant bag : either 32.50$ or 52.50$ either way, this shit was expensive
Forgot other bag prices and even their names lol