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Goodbye - For Now


How anti-climactic right? Suck up for a month and then leave 3 weeks later? Lol.

Well. Let's start off by saying that I ain't leaving for good. Only for a couple of months. It was a short, sweet time, but something came up that made my re-evaluate my free time.

I won't go on too much, but I'll be heading off to University to study a degree in Computing Science a year next month, and I've been enrolled in some pre-classes to try and give me a bit of a headstart. It'll be a good run, but will unfortunately result in me not being able to staff.

@Groaning Would be appreciated if you could keep my rank on the back burner for when I get settled in and have a bit more free time. If not, I understand, and your acceptance of me has been greatly appreciated.

Also, side-note: I won't be looking at this thread until Saturday, as I know a lot of you are cuntish enough to post spoilers for the movie I left temporarily for (jesus fuck what are those 153 discord notifs...I'll soon find out.)

Aight. Peace out nerds.


New Member
Farewell, hope all goes well with your endeavors, gonna miss you calling me daddy but until next time young blood !