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Faces of Mythcraft (Revamp Edition)


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Hey again,

Just wanted to recreate this old as hell thread from the old enjin website. Faces of Mythcraft was originally by a user and old Vortex/Mythcraft moderator called "Pimeh" then it went on to have a V2 by @CapTin and such the topic was basically just so you could see who one another is and see who you're playing with if you are uncomfortable with posting then you don't have to post a picture of yourself obviously but it's just a friendly topic to get to know the community and staff team and see what they look like / write a little about themselves I've posted this in off topic rather than general discussion so people don't feel obligated to actually post or reply to this topic.

However don't bash other people over what they look like or make the post drift off course at the end of the day it's just for fun and no-one needs to be bullied over appearances everyone's different and that's a great thing so yeah! Happy picture posting and enjoy the thread.

Warning: Any irrelevant posts will be deleted by myself including off topic discussions and most definitely public bashing and bullying of any kind.

(Post suggested by @TheNerdRed Thanks for the suggestion!)