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[Closed] Skyblock Rank Giveaway

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What is being given away?
I will be giving away a Spyro Rank Note on Skyblock. I got the rank note from a jackpot on a loot box. I wanted to give somebody the rank note, but I didn't want to /raffle it because not many people would be on and the rank note would only be able to be gotten by a small number of people.
How do I enter?
To enter the giveaway, DM me on discord. My discord is "mobi#0206". Just say you would like to join the Spyro Note giveaway and provide me with your Minecraft username/ign. It's that simple!
When will the giveaway end?
I don't have a specific time I will end the giveaway, but I can assure you I will end it sometime before the Skyblock season ends. Ranks transfer over to the next season so don't worry about not having Spyro rank then if you win it.

Not open for further replies.