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Current In-Game Name:

In Game Name at Time of Ban: ^^^^^^^^

Date Of Ban: The day that i'm writing this appeal which should be today, the day taht you're reading this at about 12:00 am, But if you read this yesterday when i hadn't even posted this application it would of been tomorrow yesterday. But If you're reading this in the future eg 1 day into the future. Hows space travel? And btw it was yesterday that this happened... and if you go 2 days into the future it would of been yesterdays yesterday that it happened and it goes on so into the infinite. But does it really? We couldn't actuallly live unlimited years seeing as you, the person reading this would probably be dead unless we would of found an unlimited life serum. Also if we were reading this 500 million years into the future our planet might've exploded from a war or just the fact that we can't live herer because of global warming, we would have to move to mars but by the time you've finished reading this you would've already flown past the planet of march even if you only rode at like 30mph Because theoretically i could make this essay or banappeal i should say infinite.

Reason For Ban: I was banned because some of the staff on here apparently are supposed to decide whenever is should go to bed and notplay my favorite game which is the craft... OBVIOUSLY AND AS THE FIRST AMENDMENT IN THE United states of america states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1] YOu cant be in control of what i can and cannot say. I can say that you're censoring me and this would actually break against the first amemdnent which would be quite sad as im prettys ure this is against the rules but alright u serever do u

Person That Banned You: Culvert, who contrary to popular beliefs actually has hair and isn't a midget. And i was also banned by young man Groaning, don't really know much about this person pretty much a random compared to lets say msbruins22 who joined this year and i've never sene on more than 1 time now that shes staff and shes mor wellknown than this guy. Though i've heard that he sleeps a lot.

Server You Were Banned On: I was banned on minecraft, the game that is run on java which was developed in sweden and on minecraft i hadjoined a server called mythcraftpvp which is a very good server except now that this happened :((((((((((( okaty and so and on this server i played prison and later it got closed and then came pixelmon i was veyr hapy when i saw my favorite youtuber stream it called sparkythepuppet. And then when i played opfacs i met my best friendski jamzteroni macaroni. OKAY but i was banned on the server called skyblock

Why You Should Be Unbanned?: I SHOUld be unbanned because i didn't do anything wrong it was just that thestaff wanted me off the server becuase they're racists. Just because ima smurf and fucking retardedd and a midget doesnt mean that they can make fun of me and ban me and then say that its another stupid resason like the one i actually got banned for whic was that i should sleep. And ive been wkeo of oevr like 40 hours which is very nice im getting ver fried from sitting infront of my computer like evreyday everynight every second every minute every hour eevery day every week every month every quarter yyear every eseaosn every YEAR. Adn i really love this server if i get unbanned i woudl be everyy happy but nwo im very sad as u ight see thats the reason why im writing ths ban appeal its very good spellign so please dont correct me im swedish and egnlish and noewegish and denmarkish and finlandish and zimbabwish its not my fault that im way much better than everyone yaöö are just mad that im the best at ot sleeping tl;dr staff benned me because they were salty iw was up for so long, and they want me to sleep. BTW CAN I JUST MENTION MY FRIEND AMEHH SHE STAYED UP WITB ME ALL THIS TIME AND MIGH ACTUALLY READ THIS APPEAL BEFORE YALL STAFF DO OKAY WELL ITS VERY COOL OF U TO READ IT
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