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Atlantis Prison - Prestige Cost Calculator - Spreadsheet


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Hello everyone!

Like most everyone, I quite enjoy endlessly mining in squares for hours on end in the hopes of getting a ptop spot one day. And, also like most everyone, I like to do it knowing I'm doing it the most efficiently, keeping at the "Free" rank with every prestige. But, how can you always be sure you'll have enough money?

In endless quarantine boredom, I solved it. I made a public Google Sheets spreadsheet that will give you individual Prestige costs, as well as calculate full ranges for you. Currently it only goes to p200, but I can easily add more should there be a need/want.
Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 5.56.53 PM.png

You can access it here:

Please note that as this is a Google Sheets document, it is public and always active, and therefore everyone uses it at the same time. Please be polite if you see someone else using it! Alternatively, you can download it as an Excel sheet, and it all still works just fine!

Hopefully you all find this helpful! :)

Let me know if you experience any issues!

Thank you!


Anyone with privacy concerns this does show you as Anonymous unless invited directly through your email.


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Hey all!

Another comment about this, as I've been being asked -- YES it does calculate Gang Prestiges as well! However, there is a slight difference.

As the Gang Prestige goes from 0 right to 1, and doesn't require you to max out 0, it sits one full level behind the normal prestiges in terms of costing.

All this mean, is that if you want to go from g20-g30, punch in g19-g29 for the accurate cost. While using the actual prestige numbers wont hurt you, you'll make more than enough funds necessary, it may cause some confusion or thoughts of inaccuracy.

Thank you for your continued use and support! :)


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With all the little updates, I'm going to have to update the initial post haha.

I've just added a new feature to the calculator! If you put your current prestige and balance, it'll tell you what the maximum prestige you can get to is! Thank you Wobber for the suggestion of this!

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 10.02.53 AM.png