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Account Shop | Zeus | Overlord | 80% Off!


New Member
Selling 3 Mythic accounts. And 1 overlord.

Payment Methods: PP/BTC

$60 For Mythic [Original Price $300]

$30 For Overlord [Original Price $150]

80% Off!

If i Ask Nicely John Will Problably Transfer The Rank To Your Account.
Can Also Staff Trade or Something if Necessarily

Discord: Damien#8943

PS: Had Permission from John to post this on discord. Asuming posting on forums wouldnt be an issue either?
If not you can remove my thread.


Are you selling the actual accounts or looking to sell a rank transfer in the sense that you keep the accounts but the ranks get transferred to the buyers account?

If so are you also including all the items you’ve received from those ranks in the purchase or the rank itself(in the case of the rank transfer scenario).