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  1. Cyaloser

    The Mythcraft Network Activity Issue

    Right now Mythcraft is close to dying out completely. There's a small amount of new players or returning players, and the some that do don't stay for long. A part of this is because the lack of competitiveness or overall server activity on Mythcraft. This lack of competitiveness or gameplay...
  2. mobi

    [Closed] Skyblock Rank Giveaway

    What is being given away? I will be giving away a Spyro Rank Note on Skyblock. I got the rank note from a jackpot on a loot box. I wanted to give somebody the rank note, but I didn't want to /raffle it because not many people would be on and the rank note would only be able to be gotten by a...
  3. ShotgunHunteR97

    Spooky and Frosty Gear

    As of the latest reset to Skyblock, Spooky and frosty gear's custom enchantments no longer work. I was addressed by the Owner, Harry, that this was due to the new enchantment system being added. Now let me get down to the facts the spooky and frosty kits are not cheap to buy at roughly $30...
  4. Woxfox

    Skyblock suggestions - woxfox

    Skyblock suggestions by woxfox This is my suggestions/ideas for skyblock. This is just thoughts and I'm just venturing for myself. Now I want to share it and hear your judgments. Let me know what you think and I might add/remove something from the list. Removeable stuff from the current map...
  5. S

    Looking for Skyblock island to join!

    Hello boss! I am simplecomic! also known as simplecomic! I am here today to try and find a island that i can join. I will list my up sides below: I am VERY ACTIVE! I DO NOT steal! i can BUILD! i am NOT toxic! been on myth for 5 years with only 40+ bans and 2 blacklists. never been discord...
  6. Zaiy

    Skyblock Suggestions

    Hello there fellow skyblock players. I though it was time to make a suggestion thread for skyblock. Most of these suggestions are for the next map! So let's get started Server boosters We have the 2x sell buff at vote party's now. But I was thinking about peoplebeing able to buy boosters from...
  7. R

    Move frosty & farmer kits to Factions

    Hey, I'm wondering if its possible to move my frosty and farmer kits from Skyblock to Factions. I didn't buy the kits on skyblock, they were originally from Factions 2 and got moved to skyblock after the disband of Factions 2. Proof of having them on Skyblock...
  8. TheNerdRed

    Looking to Create a Skyblock Island - Donator/Dedicated

    So I'll make this quite quick. I'm looking to get a team for an island so we can shoot for /is top on the new map. I'd prefer a team of 3/4+ but less could do. I'm a donator who can spend quite a lot of time on the server, so I can bring items, dedication, and some slight skills as well, seeing...