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  1. Dremlock

    Credit Transfer

    I accidentally redeemed my rank to the SkyBlock server without noticing it wasn't factions. Was wondering if my credit could be reversed. (Total was @ $100) Also I wasn't sure where to post a thread like this, so my bad if it's in the wrong spot. Thanks
  2. Dremlock

    Fantasy Football 2018-19

    Aye I'm hosting a Fantasy Football league for the 2018-19 year. It's ESPN PPR, Snake Draft (SOON). There's an entry fee so hit me up on snap for serious inquiries @ tyler_k22
  3. Dremlock

    Fortnite (PC or Xbox)

    Trust me brother, I’d love to. I’m saving up a lot of dough to build a PC with my buddy. Like then people tell me, hey get a cheaper PC. Nah, like I’m not greedy, but I really would like the best gaming PC experience I can get. I already had a gaming laptop with a 960 GTX or whatever, and it...
  4. Dremlock

    Fortnite (PC or Xbox)

    Looking for someone that's down to do tournaments on Xbox. It's players lounge if you wanna look it up. I usually compete in the $5, $10, or $25 bracket. Some are tournaments, some are against one other team. Also, no offense but you actually have to be good lmao. Or just hmu if you wanna...