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  1. Zaiy

    Old player..

    Who are you Woxfox randy?
  2. Zaiy

    Custom Enchants

    You can do ,/ce ingame to see what enchants there are and which tiers they have!
  3. Zaiy

    [Factions] stack e pearls in 64

    I agree with Legitz, epearls should stack into 64 cus else you would need to have millions of chest for a proper grinder.
  4. Zaiy

    [Skyblock] Lego_S

    Yea I had the same, ill pm harry about it!
  5. Zaiy

    Donation Problem

    Pm @Groaning on discord please with the TID and you're ign!
  6. Zaiy

    Resolved Toggleing Cheating

    me and @VladGenius screenshared him after this fight. He was clean in the ss. // Report denied
  7. Zaiy

    inextricable_’s introduction

    Good to hear my man, and welcome to the network ofcourse!
  8. Zaiy

    Ban Appeal

    Rule #6 No Evasion of punishment, Your account(s) are your Responsibility.
  9. Zaiy


  10. Zaiy


    Wobby sad to see you go. You were some nice competition thru out the maps! Gl going on!
  11. Zaiy

    Wrongful Ban

    Okay so first of all the thread isnt in the right place. //Moved So I was looking at you while you were fighting DuckFuk. As you can see in the video below you can see that you do not take any knockback while he was hitting you. Also when you were bleeding you just keep standing at the same...
  12. Zaiy

    Pumpkin Farm Aurora

    Has been taken care off, automated farm has been removed. Thanks for the report! // Locked
  13. Zaiy

    [Skyblock] Skyblock Solo

    I mean the Idea is good, but I dont see that many solo islands around. You are the only one that is solo and doing good. If you can compete with the teams like me raf and witt, maybe start working on getting a team. Its more fun to play a map with friends tho can assure you that!
  14. Zaiy

    [n/a] Bring back creative

    what is creative?
  15. Zaiy

    Skyblock Suggestions

    Little update on this thread as I got some more suggestions and mini fixes that I think I would be nice found out thru playing this map. Chunk Loader A lot of people are getting these massive cac farms like 20/30 chunk ones. This takes some alts to log onto the server. This is also why there...
  16. Zaiy

    [Skyblock] HOPPERS (URGENT)

    Myth is working on a fix for it so should not take long anymore
  17. Zaiy

    [Skyblock] Spawners

    Yea would be really usefull!
  18. Zaiy

    Donation Issue

    Please use the correct format and post it in the right section. @Groaning please move thread.