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  1. ewk

    Is top #1

    :thinking: FART
  2. ewk

    [Forums] To show more than the 4 most recent posts

    Which area of the network are you making this suggestion for? Forums What is the general essence or basic idea of your suggestion? To show more than the 4 most recent posts Elaborate on your suggestion in detail Now it only shows the 4 most recent posts and now when the community is growing...
  3. ewk

    Ad shop

    The current adshop is not worth watching ads for.. Since you make money from people watching ads just do like Wyvern have it. So you can buy permanent ranks / kits. This will make more people watch ads which = more $ edit : please move this to suggestions xd
  4. ewk

    Why Wobby makes my life better!

    I just felt like i had to do this thread.. I've been thinking about it a lot but I never had the courage to actually do it.. but today is the day. Wobby, you make mythcraft a better place, everyday i log on feeling a bit down and then I see you name ''wobber'' and it makes me laugh :) you bring...
  5. ewk

    Forum color

    WHY DID U COPY WYVERN -.- Make it white again it's so aids to look at
  6. ewk

    Discord MEME

    Current In-Game Name: ewk In Game Name at Time of Ban: ewk (ewkster) lol Date Of Ban: 2018-04-29 Reason For Ban: Idk Person That Banned You: Johnnyboi Server You Were Banned On: Discord Why You Should Be Unbanned?: John I guess you were in a bad mood since u and smuglez had a roast battle...
  7. ewk

    sug fucking gestion

    Hey guys skyblock player here! Can you change it so spawners does NOT stack LOL(except igs) every single spawner is dogass , and cactus is way too op
  8. ewk

    How i got sexually harrased ( story time )

    Ok ok so my boy curtster made a introduction thread and I made a nasty like 100% SICK meme and my comment got deleted, I actually take this as gender assumption and will take this to the police!
  9. ewk

    Isalnd reqwuit

    So I'll make this quite quick. I'm looking to get a team for an island so we can shoot for /is top on the new map. I'd prefer a team of 3/4+ but less could do. I'm a donator who can spend quite a lot of time on the server, so I can bring items, dedication, and some slight skills as well, seeing...