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    is there an enchant that has a larger break radius?

    Hi I was just wondering if on this version of skyblock if there is an enchant that would break blocks in a larger radius, similar to the {Telekenesis?} crystal.
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    [Skyblock] Plugin

    Which area of the network are you making this suggestion for? Skyblock What is the general essence or basic idea of your suggestion? Plugin Elaborate on your suggestion in detail CoinFlip Plugin What are the pros and cons of implementing this suggestion? Pros: Fun way to gamble, controls...
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    Holy shit Groaning tysm

    Ok just throwing it out there yesterday I was having moron attacks. I bought a few things from the store, one of them being an Infusion III crystal. I throw it on a pick and test it out on a 5 block tall pillar I made. I break the middle block thinking that its diameter is 5x5, {me later...
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    Appassassin's Ban Appeal

    Current In-Game Name: Appassassin In Game Name at Time of Ban: Appassassin Date Of Ban: 2018/04/20 Reason For Ban: Real Life Trading Person That Banned You: AntiSleep Server You Were Banned On: Skyblock Why You Should Be Unbanned?: Ok this is a big misunderstanding.. I believe I was not...