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  1. rafloski

    vid vid

    didin't hear any clicking gg ur banned
  2. rafloski

    Resolved Still cant log in pls help

    Whats the error message?
  3. rafloski

    Resolved Can't log in

    We are aware of the issue and its being worked on, we will keep everyone updated!
  4. rafloski

    Skyblock Dragon | Season Two

    People can still play on 1.8.9. If we use a 1.15 mob it woud just look like an old mob. For example on 1.8 ravagers look like cave spiders. And different servers used other mobs beside ig, its not essential to skyblock lol.
  5. rafloski

    Skyblock Dragon | Season Two

    No one will have to spend hours and hours to empty a single farm, craft wands are still a thing and as was said in the poll ''ore spawners'' Like igs will be harder to get. IF we get to the point where people spend alot of time just emptying their chests to gain value, block wands can always...
  6. rafloski

    where we landing

    where we landing
  7. rafloski

    Big faction for revamp

    who's fools lol
  8. rafloski


  9. rafloski

    Lol hey bruv

    ye lets go back to destined lol!!!!!
  10. rafloski

    Favorite Animes

    Overlord/gintama. also whats baruto lol
  11. rafloski


  12. rafloski

    Seasons/TeamPipes RECRUITMENT THREAD

    Who are you? No one in our faction with the name ''frozone'' If you're swiftzone please use the swiftzone forum account. Thank you. Also we'll review all applications next week. -Seasons Recruitment Team.
  13. rafloski

    Seasons/TeamPipes RECRUITMENT THREAD

    HEY. Were opening recruitment again for the next map! If you want to join just (re)apply Edited the questions a bit so make sure you use the new format!!!! We take all applications into consideration, doesn't matter from who. Remember you'll be tested/questioned so we know if you lie!!!! btw...
  14. rafloski

    Ban Appeal

    ^Everything has already been said Denied.
  15. rafloski

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Discord name? lol
  16. rafloski


  17. rafloski


  18. rafloski


  19. rafloski

    Seasons Raids GayPride

    gg, nice editing too!