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  1. inextricable_


    scott makes the server lag and i cant mine my poor obsidian i say he should be abolished <o/
  2. inextricable_

    TeamPickle’s recruitment!

    Minecraft IGN- Factions last map- Rank- Age- Timezone- Pvp Skill- Cannoning Skill- Sexy- Active- Fill this shit out, and youre in!
  3. inextricable_

    Factions Reset

    Dord anybody know the exact date of the reset? because im hearing like 4 differenr dates
  4. inextricable_

    inextricable_’s introduction

    Hey everyone, I’m inextricable_, and i starting playing factions, and so far I’ve had a great start with this server and its great community, this isn’t my first time playing factions, so please message if you need anything