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  1. Spekt

    vid vid

    Why would I have gameplay sound on over the music sounds aids
  2. Spekt

    vid vid

    like comment subscribe!!!!!!!!
  3. Spekt

    Let's talk about music !

    Not a fan of kpop at all
  4. Spekt

    Direct IP to Skyblock?

    probably is, but wouldn't be a proper IP that can be released
  5. Spekt

    New server: KitPvP

    Thats not very healthy lol.
  6. Spekt

    New server: KitPvP

    As many of you may not know, mythcraft had one of the best kitpvps in minecraft history! ;) We as a community (mainly myself cause this shit was fire lol) would like to know if KitPvP would eventually come back to mythcraft? A lot of us had good times, and to see it come back, it would be...
  7. Spekt

    Old Skywars

    Yup, I remember. Those were thedays
  8. Spekt

    Old player..

    Vaguely remember you
  9. Spekt

    The Revival

  10. Spekt


    creative wont bring in no one lol
  11. Spekt

    DO IT NOW!!!!!

    Creative was toxic anyways lol, but maybe one day
  12. Spekt

    A trip down memory lane

    A trip down memory lane heres a few videos of the good ol mc days
  13. Spekt

    Unfortunately I don't know, but its gonna be sad to let it go, after 3+ years

    Unfortunately I don't know, but its gonna be sad to let it go, after 3+ years
  14. Spekt

    Favorite Animes

    Tokyo ghoul
  15. Spekt

    Faces of Mythcraft (Revamp Edition)

    Weak. Wheres the real hot labels at? ;)
  16. Spekt

    Witt's Here

    Welcome lol. myth was always better than wyvern ;)
  17. Spekt

    The shittery #1

    gg lol
  18. Spekt

    its cap

    Welcome back :) even tho we have spoken aha