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  1. MnkyJoe

    Factions Map #3 Economy Changes

    How about this suggestion, instead of buffing the price of cactus simply make it so it doesn't take 25 alts to afk a small 5x5 farm. Cactus needs to be buffed price wise or how easily it is collect cactus, the amount of money gained per alt is very low. In the current state most factions are...
  2. MnkyJoe

    [Factions] Allow both /f fly and /fly to enable flight

    Which area of the network are you making this suggestion for? Factions What is the general essence or basic idea of your suggestion? Allow both /f fly and /fly to enable flight Elaborate on your suggestion in detail I recommend that /fly to also allow flight like /f fly. What are the pros and...
  3. MnkyJoe

    Factions Map #3 Economy Changes

  4. MnkyJoe

    Factions Custom Enchant Changes / Suggestions

    Enchant Name(s): HARDENED & OTHER REGEN/RESITSANCE GRANTING CEs Why it should be removed: With the 25% durability increase given by Hardened fights are prolonged allowing players to Gapple 2-3 times per fight, I don't think the enchant should be removed but instead the Gapple timer should be...
  5. MnkyJoe

    [Skyblock] Cactus Price

    I don't believe that the prices of cactus, whether it be the buy price or the sell price, should be changed. I feel like it is still very profitable to make cactus farms, or at least as profitable as an AFK'able income should be. The map should be less focused on who can AFK the most cactus...
  6. MnkyJoe

    Seasons Raids GayPride

  7. MnkyJoe

    [Tank Custom Enchant doesn't work] MonkeyJoe777

    What is your minecraft IGN? MonkeyJoe777 Where are you experiencing this bug? Tank Custom Enchant doesn't work Please describe the bug You gain the hearts with the Tank custom enchant but they don't regen, not from health pots, crapples, gapples, or /heal. What evidence do you have?