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    Resolved Stacking Spawners Error

    Check your postman @Witt
  2. Zeliath

    Resolved Stacking Spawners Error

    Hello, what's your ign? And for future reference we do most things through discord now @
  3. Zeliath

    thank you for the discord

    thank you for the discord
  4. Zeliath

    Ranks and Kits

    If anyone needs their purchases checked make a ticket @ #support If you had top rank you should have more than that.
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    Hello, If you have a problem with the staff team report it @ #support

    Hello, If you have a problem with the staff team report it @ #support
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    Hello, If you have any problems report them @ #support
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    Hello, Factions is not the focus currently. It will come eventually but I don't have any specific time frames to give you.
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    Atlantis Prison - Prestige Cost Calculator - Spreadsheet

    Anyone with privacy concerns this does show you as Anonymous unless invited directly through your email.
  10. Zeliath

    Important Prison Rules

    Prison Specific Rules: (Last Updated 18th October, 2020) Notice: These rules serve in addition to the global rules.* Plot/Gang Rules Gang betraying / Plot griefing. If you are the owner of a Gang with team members or a team member of a Gang or have been set as a co-op player on a Plot you are...
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    Resolved Can't log in

    The connection issues should be resolved now, but thank you!
  12. Zeliath

    Resolved Can't log in

    Recommended versions is 1.15 but you can use any version down to 1.8.9 This should resolve itself at some point, I really couldn't say when though.
  13. Zeliath

    I accidentally salvaged my Fairy Pick Staff Please help!!

    Hi please make a ticket @
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    Global Unban

    Bans will be reset on March 31 (Excluding players on the blacklist and bans issued due to chargebacks)