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    Do you guys prefer hotsauce on your chickenwings?

    Y'all should try spicy mayonnaise from popeyes.
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    Tokens Shop

    Hello there, I feel that the current factions token shop is useless. Literally no one uses it. All the items have been there for like 2 years now. The staff team should always be updating token shops. You should fill it with things more relevant to the...
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    The reason factions is dying do fast is because Notorious tries so hard, they literally altered sleeps schedules so one wakes up when the other goes to sleep. Other Factions dont place their spawners because they dont want to be raided by a faction who has people alternating on for 24 hours.
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    hello guys merelygay here

    This made my day, Thank you.
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    "good at pvp" Smh. <3