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Recent content by Merelyjay2

  1. Merelyjay2

    [New gamemodes] Add miniUHC

    Which area of the network are you making this suggestion for? New gamemodes What is the general essence or basic idea of your suggestion? Add miniUHC Elaborate on your suggestion in detail I think mythcraft should add 5-20 player automatic UHC Matches hosted by the server where pvp is enabled...
  2. Merelyjay2

    Favorite Animes

    None of them
  3. Merelyjay2

    I miss futurejake

    futurejake was my favorite mythcraft staff member. I miss him.
  4. Merelyjay2

    Future of Myth

    Mythcraft used to be my favorite server until I was banned
  5. Merelyjay2


    *cough* *cough* lightshot *cough *cough*
  6. Merelyjay2

    Fun fact

    I am Merelyjay111 from hypixel forums
  7. Merelyjay2

    ban appeal for dispute

    @rafloski can you understand any of this
  8. Merelyjay2

    Ban Appeal

    You do the crime you do the time
  9. Merelyjay2

    New me

    I was forum banned on mythcraft forums for shitposting, my old forum name was Merelyjay and I have changed So hi
  10. Merelyjay2

    Pls don’t forum ban

    I am Merelyjay from mythcraft forums I was banned 1 year ago for shitposting but now I have changed I promise never to shitpost again EVER