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  1. inextricable_


    scott makes the server lag and i cant mine my poor obsidian i say he should be abolished <o/
  2. inextricable_

    Failed to connect to the server

    potato internet
  3. inextricable_

    Lost my E-Girl

    LMAO yall wrong, true she aint asian but shes not from the uk, she was recently found under my microwave looking for crumbs, im in the us btw, maybe ill ask for a ransom bc, you know, im shit, reply if u want her
  4. inextricable_

    Looking for Faction.

    you should upgrade my rank ;)
  5. inextricable_

    I need a faction

    im pickledaddi join TeamPickle bb no fac hopping or i get my flipflops
  6. inextricable_

    TeamPickle’s recruitment!

    Minecraft IGN- Factions last map- Rank- Age- Timezone- Pvp Skill- Cannoning Skill- Sexy- Active- Fill this shit out, and youre in!
  7. inextricable_

    Factions Reset

    Dord anybody know the exact date of the reset? because im hearing like 4 differenr dates
  8. inextricable_

    Factions Custom Enchant Changes / Suggestions

    Enchantment Removal) 1)Plagued is aids and useless af Enchantment Removal) 2) Hellfire, its also useless and just makes your bow worse
  9. inextricable_

    inextricable_’s introduction

    ty :D, if u play facs , sell me a mythic kit for 320k :) everyone else is saying no
  10. inextricable_

    Resolved Toggleing Cheating

    i dont like him :)
  11. inextricable_

    inextricable_’s introduction

  12. inextricable_

    inextricable_’s introduction

    Hey everyone, I’m inextricable_, and i starting playing factions, and so far I’ve had a great start with this server and its great community, this isn’t my first time playing factions, so please message if you need anything