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Recent content by Harry

  1. Harry

    Mythcraft Revamp - Saturday 20th October

    Hey everyone! I can now confirm that the revamp will be releasing next Saturday, 20th October at 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST. I have included full changelogs for all of the servers below and have also highlighted some of the key changes we have made to the servers. Trailer Enchantment Dust...
  2. Harry

    Mythcraft - The Future

    Hey everyone! Today we’re announcing our future plans for the network. As I’m sure some of you are already aware, there has been an unfortunate delay in releasing new resets and updates recently due to some members of the management team going inactive and us focusing on other projects. I’m...
  3. Harry

    Factions Pay out?

    Hi, We sent all payouts this morning after the issue with our account was resolved. My apologies again for the delay.
  4. Harry

    unban appeal

    Hi, I've gone ahead and unbanned you.