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  1. hewwouwu
    hewwouwu Harry
    Hi I would like to add a request for the revamp. Can you add creative back? Please?? It would be cool if it was back like the old days of myth :)
  2. Smite_is_life
    I do not like smite xD
  3. Smite_is_life
    how does one link their Minecraft account?
  4. xJoshuaR
    Update : Still as this day looking for my polar bear :'(
  5. Allu
  6. warflea
    warflea rafloski
    how do i get the 10$ voucher?
  7. rafloski
  8. xXpenguin_pvpXx
    xXpenguin_pvpXx Zaiy
    hi! i was wondering how to get my 75 vote voucher
  9. Superthecrafter
  10. rafloski
  11. Spekt
  12. TeamPickle’s Account
  13. TeamPickle’s Account
    TeamPickle’s Account Vane
    hey, idrk u but from all ur posts i was wondering if u could teach me a bit about facs xd, like i mean i understand base raid fight and that stuff but the important stuff like chunks and different kinds of walls, im very active, i just need someone good like u to teach me xd
  14. TeamPickle’s Account
  15. Cole Ray
  16. TeamPickle’s Account
    TeamPickle’s Account
    looking for a egirl to hold me at night msg me
  17. TeamPickle’s Account
    TeamPickle’s Account
    hello i made a new account im pickledaddi
  18. TickleToes
    TickleToes Brady
    I'm Brady too, I don't see much Brady's ;(
  19. H3ntai
    H3ntai Helpus
  20. Brady
    only 12 igs (SHIT PLAYER)