by Harry at 7:02 PM
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Hello everyone!

As some of you may have read from the previous announcement, Mythcraft has recently changed ownership.

We had the opportunity to purchase the server as we have been friends with the previous owner, Vpipes, for many years. While many of you may not know this, a couple years ago we worked for him as developers back when the server peaked in the hundreds of players. We were responsible for the development of a large amount of the unique content on the server and fixing most of the performance issues that the larger servers had.

Our goal in taking ownership of the server is to completely revamp the network from the ground up. It is no secret that Mythcraft has been lacking updates and new features for quite some time now, which has contributed to a substantial decline in players. We hope to change this by fixing all the current issues with the servers, adding new servers, new content and more!

In order to help us start this process, we will be working to update the plugins running on the servers to our new versions over the next few weeks. You may notice some features and commands changing as we make this transition, but it is nothing to be worried about! If you find anything is broken or not working correctly, please report it to us on the forums or tell a staff member so that we can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

At this time our primary focus is on Skyblock and Factions. While we will continue to support KitPvP and Creative for the...​