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Skyblock Map #2
Friday 15th June 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST

Hey everyone!

We’re announcing our Skyblock reset today and the start of Skyblock Map #2. The current map will be ending and the new map starting on Friday 15th June at 3 PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST.

Much like we have done with our recent Factions reset, we will be transitioning the Skyblock ISTOP rewards from one large payout at the end of the map to weekly payouts throughout the duration of the map. The top 3 islands will receive the following rewards weekly every Saturday, starting on the second Saturday after the server has been released.
  • #1: $100
  • #2: $50
  • #3: $25
The island leader must use the command /setpaypal to set an paypal email address in order to prevent the payouts from being delayed. It is important that you do not attempt to hide your island level, as we will be silently calculating the winners.

ISTOP Rewards
Unfortunately as I’m sure many of you will be aware, we encountered a major exploit during this Skyblock map where the Island Bank system we added to accompany the Auto Sell Chests would give out very large amounts of money at random times to any one player. Sadly, some players took advantage of this in order to boost their island level. Due to the nature of the exploit, we...
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Hey everyone!

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for the immense support you have shown us this week in the wake of our Factions reset last Friday. As I’m sure many of you will have noticed, we welcomed the content creator m0dest who is playing on the server this map. I’ve included a link to his first Mythcraft video below.

We’ve been hard at work adding new content to the Factions server since the release and I have listed some of these updates below. You can also checkout the daily changelogs @Groaning has been posting here: https://mythcraftpvp.com/forums/changelog.6/

KOTH has been released on the server. There are currently 3 KOTH arenas, Overworld, Nether and End. Overworld is currently scheduled to run at 4PM EDT, Nether at 8PM EDT and End at 12AM EDT. The /koth command will show you the time in your own time zone, a live countdown and the coordinates of each KOTH. There are also announcements in chat during the hour before a KOTH starts so you can prepare. Winning a KOTH will give you a Mystical (top tier) Crate Key.

We have also released Outposts on the server. The Outpost runs 24/7 and can be captured by any one faction at a time. Having an Outpost captured will grant your faction a permanent 2x Sell Buff, 2x XP Boost and 2x mcMMO Boost. You can view details and teleport to the outpost...
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Factions Map #2
Friday 1st June 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST

Hey everyone!

Today we’re announcing our factions reset and the start of Factions Map #2 on Mythcraft. I’m happy to confirm that the current map will be ending and the new map starting on Friday 1st June at 3 PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST. I have listed in detail what we will be changing below.


Similar to last map we will be offering rewards to anyone who reuploads our trailer on to their YouTube channel. The rewards vary based on the amount of subscribers your channel has and you must use the video title, description and tags we have provided below to be eligible. Link your reupload in the comments below and you will receive your rewards once the server releases on Friday. You can download the trailer at https://mythcraftpvp.com/trailer.mp4

0-50 subscribers: 1 Divine Key
50-150 subscribers: 1 Mystical Key
150-300 subscribers: 2 Mystical Keys + 1 Divine Key
300-350 subscribers: 3 Mystical Keys + 2 Divine Keys
500+ subscribers: 4 Mystical Keys + 3 Divine Keys

Mythcraft Factions Map #2 - $2,000 FTOP!

Releases Friday, 1st June at 3PM EDT / 12PM PDT / 8PM BST!

IP: mythcraftpvp.com
Website: https://mythcraftpvp.com
Store: https://buy.mythcraftpvp.com
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Hey everyone!

We’re back again with another weekly update. As I’m sure many of you will be aware, this week hasn’t been the best for us on the server due to some issues we had with Skyblock towards the start of the week. I’m happy to say these issues have now been resolved and we are back to operating normally. To apologise for this, we are currently running an 85% sale on the server for the duration of the weekend.

Rank Syncing
You can now sync your ranks on the forums and on Discord. To do this, run the /syncaccount command in-game which will give you a link you can click to sync your ranks with the forums. Once you have done this, you can visit https://mythcraftpvp.com/register/discord and sync your forum account with Discord, which will give you your ranks on the Discord server.

Chat Linking
We have added the ability for anyone with the Donator+ rank to link items in chat with the [item] tag. Anyone with this ability can also now post clickable links in chat.

Vote Redeeming
We have added the /voteredeem command which allows you to redeem votes without using the vote gui. This should make it easier to redeem votes on multiple accounts.

AdShop & Token Shop
You will now no longer have to move your mouse when buying items from either the /tokens...
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Hey guys!

I can't believe it's already been over a month since we released our revamp. The amount of support you guys have shown us has been absolutely phenomenal and we have reached targets I didn't intend for us to reach for a long time. We have been busy fixing issues and updating the servers daily since the release as I’m sure many of you will have noticed. A few weeks ago, I made a promise that we were only just getting started and that there would be many more updates coming. I am here to deliver on that promise today am excited to announce that we will now be doing weekly updates on the server every Friday!

Ad Party
Given the huge success of our vote party system, we felt it only right that we introduce an ad party system to reward players who support us by watching ads. From now on, for every 200 ads the server receives, everyone online will be given a random crate key!

Auto Sell Chests
We have added auto sell chests to Skyblock which will automatically sell all items placed inside of them and deposit the money into your island bank. You can purchase them for a discount on the server store at https://buy.mythcraftpvp.com/category/1147572 while our limited time 70% off sale remains!


Island Banks
In order to provide a safe way for money obtained via auto sell chests to be...