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Some of you are wondering who I am, where I came from and what I'm here for, so let's get straight into it! My name is Curtis, some may recognize me from a few of my previous projects which includes a couple of projects for content creators!

I have been brought in by my good friend Harry who recently re-released Mythcraft to help with the operations of the server. This includes the growth of the network, fixes & updates and ensuring fresh content is being released regularly. Harry and I have collaborated on a couple of projects and I am extremely excited to help out with Mythcraft!

We have huge plans and goals for Mythcraft and the re-release has been incredible so far! We only plan on going up from here so make sure you stick around for what is to come!


by Harry at 10:15 AM
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Hey everyone!

As you may have guessed from the title, something very unexpected happened this weekend. We hit over 1000 online players on the network!

To give you a little backstory on this, I made a comment on the server on Sunday that if we hit 1000 players, I would increase the payouts (the server was around 700 players at the time). Well, suffice to say, 10 minutes later, we did!

We will be now increasing the payouts by $1,000 ($500 PayPal) as promised. The payouts are now the following:​

1st $750 PayPal & $750 Store Credit
2nd $250 PayPal & $250 Store Credit
3rd $100 PayPal & $100 Store Credit

From all of us here at Mythcraft, we would like to thank you guys for the incredible amounts of support you have shown us since we launched the revamp. We are continuing to work on the server daily, fixing bugs and adding new content. There are some incredibly exciting things planned for the future!​
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Hey again, So we've been hard at work numerous fixes for server performance related issues and bugs, On top of this we've made a few changes to how things work and the buycraft so we hope you like what we've done so far here's the list:

Side note: If you see anything you feel needs changing or adding to suggestions feel free to comment below we're always open to suggestions on improving the network.

▬▬▬ Buycraft Changes ▬▬▬

Global Changes:
>> Changed the buycraft layout to be more user friendly and easier to navigate, Completely new theme.
>> Lowered Crate Key prices.
>> Made the prices lower on certain items as they seemed too steep.


>> Added a 7x7x7 Trench Pickaxe

▬▬▬ Adshop & Token Changes ▬▬▬

Votes and Tokens:
>> We've changed the way /tokens work and you now only get tokens for using /vote and voting on the links provided rather than getting tokens for watching ads, This way your encouraged to vote for rewards as well as the milestone rewards.

Ads and Adshop:
>> We've introduced a new /adshop to spend your new currency aka adpoints used in the /ads gui after watching ads, Each Ad lasts around 30 seconds and gives one adpoint, Occasionally the points may bug out and not go through but most likely than not they will, It's easiest to use a browser extension to auto refresh your page every x amount of...
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Hey everyone!

What a day! I can’t thank you all enough for the show of support you have shown us today with the release of our revamp. We've been hard at work for all of you!

We have been busy fixing all the bugs you guys have reported and have also added some new highly requested features that I have listed below.

Horizontal Gen Buckets (Factions)
Horizontal Gen Buckets are similar to vertical gen buckets, however, they will generate 16 blocks horizontally instead of vertically.

Ore Generators (Skyblock)
Cobblestone generators will now generate specific ores once your island reaches a specified level.
  • Cobblestone: Level: 0
  • Coal - Level: 100
  • Iron - Level: 1,500
  • Lapis - Level: 10,000
  • Redstone - Level: 25,000
  • Gold - Level: 65,000
  • Quartz - Level: 125,000
  • Diamond - Level: 150,000
  • Emerald - Level: 250,000
  • Obsidian - Level: 550,000
Sell Wands (Skyblock & Factions)
A Sell Wand is a tool that allows you to automatically sell the contents of a chest by right-clicking it.

Craft Wands (Skyblock)
A Craft Wand is a tool that allows you to automatically convert all ingots in a chest into blocks by right-clicking it.

Crop Hoppers (Skyblock & Factions)
A Crop Hopper is a hopper that automatically collects all crop drops within a chunk which includes the following:
  • Melon Slices
  • Cactus
  • Pumpkin
  • Sugar Cane...
by Mythcraft at 9:06 PM
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Hey everyone!

Today we are announcing the ISTOP and FTOP winners from the previous Mythcraft Skyblock and Factions maps.

Saturday, March 31 at 3 PM EDT

Wobber — 1,572,408
#2. GG (Alt301, Ramster301) — 1,339,969
P2L (???) — 963,511
#3. NoSkillJustSchem (sebbe156, NoPingJustHuzuni, Zaiy) — 569,185
#4. BkhicksYT (MechanizedMayhem, DankSteam) — 142,585
#5. YovngGerald - 126,194

RaidMe $223,489,800

Apored $157,095,000

— Disqualified

Crize $125,700,375

— Disqualified

#2. TheHundreds $42,197,775

NofesFanClub $16,715,900

— Disqualified

#3. Lava $15,310,925


* The 3rd Island on Skyblock was not counted as we could not find the owner.
** The 2nd, 3rd and 5th Factions on Factions were not counted as they were subfactions of the other winning Factions, which is against the rules.​

The owners of the above Islands and Factions can now contact us to claim their rewards before the release tomorrow.

Thanks, everyone, we’re looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!​
by Mythcraft at 7:32 PM
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Hey everyone!

The network is now offline as we prepare for the revamp release on Saturday.

We are releasing the trailer today, which you can re-upload in return for rewards! I have attached a download link and instructions to do this below.


Trailer Reupload Rewards
0-50 subscribers: 1x Mythical Key
50-150 subscribers: 1x Legendary Key
150-300 subscribers: 2x Legendary Keys + 1 Enchanter Key
300-500 subscribers: 3x Legendary Keys + 2 Enchanter Keys
500+ subscribers: 4x Legendary Keys + 3 Enchanter Keys

Trailer Reupload Instructions
In order to be eligible for the reupload rewards, you must download the trailer from the link below and reupload it to your youtube channel. You need to use the video title, description and tags listed below. After you have reuploaded the trailer, reply to this thread with the link and your ign and we will give you the rewards on Saturday once the revamp is live!

Download Link

Video Title
Mythcraft Revamp Trailer - March 31st

Video Description
Mythcraft Revamp - March 31st
IP: mythcraftpvp.com
Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/bqWm8QQ

Video Tags
mythcraft, trailer, minecraft, minecraft trailer, minecraft server, minecraft network, factions, skyblock, minecraft factions, minecraft skyblock, ftop, istop

I would also like to note that we have now set voting up...​
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Alrighty, So hello again lads and lasses. We've been discussing this for a while but we wanted to make a poll that the community can respond to in terms of ranks. So firstly to clarify you won't LOSE your rank in any way, shape or form they'll just be renamed to something new or well in this case maybe old. The poll will last for a couple of days to get players to decide and then we'll take it from there.

So we've got a few options so here we have it.

Option #1

We could rename the ranks back to old Mythcraft days / which a lot of players are familiar with and used to enjoy the only downside is these ranks would also carry across to Skyblock, Rather than the old "Iron, Gold and DIamond ranks etc as the ranks have to be the same across all servers.


Option #2

We can leave the ranks as they are, Personally I don't like the current ranks.. There clunky and somewhat just unfitting in my eyes I can see why they were chosen to represent the server been "Mythical" and how the community may like that which is why we are leaving that up to you.

Option #3

Introduce a new ranking system for a fresh start on the server, Most likely the most hassle but I don't know who'd like this approach nor does Harry which is why this post is been made.


We chose to let the community have an opinion and vote on this as it effects all of you in a sense and you should realistically be all able to vote for which you want, In my...
by Groaning at 9:49 PM
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So Hey there,

A few of you probably know who I am and such from the old Mythcraft days, and such and how i've worked on Mythcraft in the past for around give or take two years when the server was well booming so to speak and how I was an admin on the server for a good amount of time.

I did a lot when i worked with Vpipes on Mythcraft and feel i could do the same under new ownership, No offense intended to Vpipes but i have asked a-nd offered to come back numerous times to help out and try to make things better / improve the server but mostly that was just a dead end whenever I tried, However Recently me and Harry got in contact and I explained the majority of the situation and what unfolded during my absense and why I wasn't part of the staff team anymore, Harry seemingly understood and offered me well my old role back as he has heard my name a lot from the community but never knew how to get in touch with me until well today when I joined the discord.

We talked over everything and got on track to talking about the server and things like the release of the renovated Mythcraft as well as a bunch of other things but we're good and i'm already settling into my role here.

But yeah this is just a quick announcement to say i'm back and if you have any questions regarding me or my role, Or anything in that regard to just shoot me a message on here or the official discord and i'll get back to you.
by Mythcraft at 4:40 PM
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Hello everyone!

With the revamp approaching in just over two weeks now, we felt the need to clarify some of your questions (and give you some sneak peaks!)

When will the current servers go offline?
The current servers will go offline on Monday 26th March. This will be the end of the current FTOP/ISTOP and the top factions and islands will be calculated at this time.

What are the current FTOP/ISTOP rewards?

1st: $150 Voucher
2nd: $100 Voucher
3rd: $50 Voucher
1st: $200 Voucher
2nd: $125 Voucher
3rd: $50 Voucher
4th-5th: $25 Voucher
(Note: These rewards are for the current maps only and were announced when they were released in December)

When will the trailer be out?
We are actively working on getting a trailer created. We’ll have another news post out once we have it plus the rewards we will be offering to anyone who reuploads it.

Will infusion pickaxes be added to Buycraft?

Are you going to host events/tournaments, such as pvp, cannon, etc?
Yes, we will be hosting some exciting events on the new maps

What happened with vpipes?
Vpipes sold the server to us as he was no longer interested in running it. He is no longer involved with it in any way.

Is kitpvp/prison coming back?
When we have a larger player base, we will look into the possibility of adding back other servers.

Can we have some sneak peaks?
by Harry at 8:00 PM
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Hello everyone!

It is with much excitement that I am able to announce the next major step forward for Mythcraft today, the revamp! It will be released at the following date and time:

Saturday, March 31 at 3 PM EDT

We have been hard at work these past few weeks planning out the revamped content for each server which I have listed in detail below. I am happy to announce that we will be officially offering $3,400 ($1,700 PayPal) worth of FTOP and ISTOP rewards on the new maps once they are released.​

  • We will be offering rewards for both the top factions on Factions and the top islands on Skyblock
  • The prizes will be as follows on each server:
    • 1st $500 PayPal & $500 Store Credit
    • 2nd $250 PayPal & $250 Store Credit
    • 3rd $100 PayPal & $100 Store Credit
  • The prizes will be paid out at the end of the map to the Faction leader or Island leader within 24 hours after the map ends

  • World Borders
    • The main world border is 10,000 x 10,000
    • The nether world border is 5,000 x 5,000
    • The end world border is 5,000 x 5,000
    • The world borders are now aligned with the claim chunks at the edge of the world
  • Generation
    • Oceans are disabled
    • Ice generation is disabled
    • The end consists of a 25 high floor of sandstone
  • Economy
    • Cow...